Thursday, January 1, 2009

Oh caMON!!!!!!!!

999 pesos for a pair of jeans made by Penshoppe? too expensive!! I'm not even sure if their jeans fits well. ( somebody told me that its hard to find a good fit at Penshoppe ). The jeans that I usually want cost like thousands:(
Zara, bye
F&H, bye
Lee pipes, bye
PRP, bye
Givenchy ( woah ), bye
how am I goin to find jeans that are cheap?


  1. oh i love penshoppe. i go there just for the jeans. i dunno. they're the only ones that has my measurements pinned perfectly. well, depende cguro sa body type. and they have the cheapest jeans kaya. :D

  2. at the thrift shop! lotsa unique jeans. if they wouldnt fit, have it altered. you can buy even buy 10pairs;)