Thursday, January 1, 2009

Oh caMON!!!!!!!!

999 pesos for a pair of jeans made by Penshoppe? too expensive!! I'm not even sure if their jeans fits well. ( somebody told me that its hard to find a good fit at Penshoppe ). The jeans that I usually want cost like thousands:(
Zara, bye
F&H, bye
Lee pipes, bye
PRP, bye
Givenchy ( woah ), bye
how am I goin to find jeans that are cheap?

Sunday, December 28, 2008

From Top to commercial

In America, designers collaborating with chain stores are nothing new. Designers collaborating with this stores started at the 90's. Luella Bartley did it for Target ( USA ). The dutch duo Victor and Rolf for H&M, way back in 2006. And recently Comme des Garcons also for H&M. Theres a lot of designers that already collaborated with American stores but hearing Local designers collaborating with local commercial stores excites me.

Ivarluski Aseron is now on his third collection for F&H. Rajo Laurel for Plain and Prints, which was full of smart pices-making every woman feel confident wearing a piece from that collection. He used ruffles but with a touch of edge, the bow balaced it well. The look = Romantic-Powerful woman.

There is something about Local designers doing collaborations that gets me excited. Maybe its the fact that we can reach designer clothes just by goin to the mall and not ordering it online or have it send to us from half way across the world. Or maybe its the fact that we get them for less. Who doesnt want an Ivarluski Aseron and Rajo Laurel design for less? the depressing side, all of the colaborations are only for girls.

yeah-bows, ruffles and lace are nice BUT

looks like Rajo is not the only human collaborating-

Say hi to rags

ME: Magkano bili mo sa headband mo?
ROXANNE: Tsk, di ko maalala eh..
ME: eh san mo binili?
ROXANNE: ah binili ko toh sa VENTE.


HANNAH: Second Most Progressive Country dati ang Philippines
ME: Onga
HANNAH: Yah...
ME: Ngayon kapantay na natin ang Burma
HANNAH: Where is that?
ME: Somewhere poor..

We might sometimes lack brains and MONEY (well, most of the time ) but trust me, we are resourceful and creative.